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Pathway to YLS

The T.A.B.E. (Test of Adult Basic Education) is required of all students taking more than one course and summer school students. The first T.A.B.E. will be given on  Wednesday, August 9, 2023 @ 8 A.M. and Thursday, August 10, 2023 @ 12 Noon. Tentatively, thereafter, the T.A.B.E. will be given every other Wednesday starting August 16, 2023 – pending holidays and weather closings.

Schedule Academic Skills Assessment

Students planning to take the assessment should pre-register through his or her school counselor or by calling Youth Life Skills. Students taking the assessment should report to Youth Life Skills, 1200 South Barr Street, lower level Rm.14A by the specified time. The assessment will take approximately three hours to complete. The completed T.A.B.E. will assist students, parents, and staff in assessing the student’s academic status. Students are required to score a 7.0 to gain acceptance into the program. Students who fail to attain a 7.0 will be given the opportunity to retest when the retesting window opens.

Acceptance into Youth Life Skills

Whenever feasible, students accepted into Youth Life Skills (YLS) will be encouraged to pursue one of FWCS recognized high school diploma (General, C-40, C-40 with Technical or C-40 with honors). The crucial conversations about alternative pathways to obtaining the student’s education rest with the home school and the student’s family. The deciding factor (s) will depend on the student’s age, pathway status, and the number of credits the student has accumulated while enrolled in a comprehensive high school.

Students who plan to enroll in courses at Youth Life Skills will be required to bring a copy of his or her most recent high school transcript, a current referral form (signed and filled out by an administrator of the home school) and a copy of his/her most recent GQE scores. The aforementioned documents can be secured from the guidance department at the student’s home school. Inappropriate documents and or missing documents will result in delayed enrollment.

For additional information, please call our office @ (260) 467-6370.