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About Youth Life Skills

Youth Life Skills (YLS)

Youth Life Skills

Welcome to Youth Life Skills, the alternative program of choice for non-disciplinary students. Youth Life Skill’s mission is to serve the FWCS district and the community by establishing highly qualified, diverse workforce of high standards. We are dedicated to providing quality and timely service to all our customers with integrity, fairness, sensitivity, and reliability. Youth Life Skills is where technology is used equitably to expand and amplify our students’ educational experience in a supported and reliable manner. The overall experience for students attending Youth Life Skills, includes acquiring credits and obtaining one of three high school diplomas (C-40, C-40 with Technical or C-40 with honors) and preparing each for his or her next step in life.

The wisdom of an unknown author states that, "If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting." Youth Life Skills offers another option for students needing a learning environment that meets their individual academic, social and emotional needs. Students attend Youth Life Skills for a variety of reasons including difficulty coping with the social or academic pressures associated with traditional schools, a need to work, pregnancy or parenting.

At Youth Life Skills we work cooperatively with students, parents, schools and the community to prepare our students for success in the endeavors of their choice.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact us.