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College & Career Readiness

Students Graduating

The K-12 College and Career Readiness program supports all FWCS students in establishing and pursuing college and career goals. Students are encouraged to aim high and reach their fullest potential in whatever path they choose.

The College and Career Readiness program works to prepare students and families for life after high school.

  • Support each student to achieve his/her college and career goals;
  • Prepare students to embrace curricular and co-curricular opportunities and challenges;
  • Inspire students to succeed inside and outside the classroom;
  • Challenge students to reach their potential and live with purpose; and
  • Equip students and the families with the proper resources in order for students to pursue college or a career upon graduating from high school.

Resources for students & families

What do we offer?

Students and families have access to a wide range of services designed to help prepare for life after high school.
Jobs for Teens

State Graduation Initiatives

There are many changes being made in Indiana regarding Graduation Pathways and the high school diploma.

Check out our resource page to learn more.

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Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

The Path to Your Future Starts Here

GEAR UP FWCS prepares students to pursue and succeed in their post-secondary education and careers.

Studies show that students benefit from early exposure to post-secondary knowledge, skills, and experiences. GEAR UP FWCS provides valuable exposure to college and career preparation — from structured programs, informational meetings and workshops to college visits, career visits, internships and partnerships.

Students receive individual support to pursue and achieve their educational and professional aspirations. Students can participate in a variety of programs, activities and services to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and abilities to become leaders as they further their education and careers.

The GEAR UP FWCS program is a federally funded program awarded by the United States Department of Education and is designed to increase the number of students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education.

GEAR UP FWCS Increases:

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Students’ academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education

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Students’ rate of high school graduation and participation in post-secondary education

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Family knowledge of post-secondary education options, preparation, and financing

Over 3,800 students have benefited from the GEAR UP FWCS program.

“It fills my heart to know as a GEAR UP Advisor, I have the opportunity to enrich, motivate and transform my students’ lives. I come from a low-income household that does not believe in paying for college. Obtaining a college degree was my pathway to success, and I am committed to supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students at FWCS. Together we will make a DIFFERENCE!”



Upcoming Events

Benefits of GEAR UP FWCS

GEAR UP University of Saint Francis- student/parent visit

Skills & Programming

Enhance skills, knowledge and abilities to succeed after high school through programs, workshops, seminars, clubs, college visits, career visits and more.

College Prep

College Prep

Gain knowledge, skills and experience to prepare for post-secondary education.

Student studying at computer

Test Prep

Participate in SAT and ACT Bootcamps.

Students getting support


Receive individualized college and career readiness support from GEAR UP FWCS staff.

Job Experience

Job Experience

Gain job experience through internships and job shadowing.

Connecting with Partners


Connect with partners across Allen County.

“I am passionate about being a Student Advisor because I want to be able to help guide students to achieve academic success and to give the students the knowledge, skills, and abilities in their quest for postsecondary success. By being a part of GEAR UP, I hope students learn the importance of getting a great start academically to their high school career and learn the importance of becoming college/career ready.”



"As a GEAR UP Student Advisor, I am able to help equip scholars with a better understanding of what they need in order to make the right decisions for themselves, their postsecondary education and their future. I am able to help them discover their passions, open their eyes to the possibilities and encourage them to follow their dreams. Every scholar is unique, and everyone has their own set of skills that they excel in. My hopes are that EVERY scholar realizes this, and they will all be successful in their own way."




Mentor The Future

Why Mentor?

Mentors build stronger communities by simply spending time with students. Mentoring is an act of generosity that impacts students not just now but throughout their lifetime.

Mentorship = Impact

Mentors establish relationships based on trust, open communication and respect. They help students learn new skills, foster a sense of belonging, build self-confidence and navigate through life’s pressures.

Ready to make a difference?

Contact Jessica Hanna,
Coordinator for Mentorships and Partnerships


We're preparing students for the day after graduation

Graduate Design

Increased high school graduation rates and lower drop-out rate

People design

Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices as well as a better attitude about school

Building Design

Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations