Northrop High School 9th Grade Bruin Time

9th Grade Bruin Time Map



Thursday, November 16

Topic: Northrop Motto Ideas and Digital Abuse and Social Media

Main Idea: Students will provide input regarding a possible new motto for Northrop High School. Students will reflect on digital abuse and setting their own digital boundaries.

  1. Northrop Motto Ideas PTSA Contest - Teachers, give completed forms to Trina.
  2. Digital Abuse Prezi
  3. Discussion Questions and Talking Points Guide

Short video on dating violence (4:39)

Thursday, November 9

Topic: Veterans Day

Main Idea: Students will reflect on the meaning of Veterans Day and write letters to veterans or active duty service members.

1. Video Tribute to Veterans (3:23)

2.Template for Veterans Day Letter

Thursday, November 2

Topic: Bullying

Main Idea: Students will understand what bullying is and the best ways to for both victims and bystanders to handle bullying situations.

  1. Opening Video: (3:31) Bullying Jr.

          This is actually a current Burger King Commercial that has “gone viral.”

           Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Why would a fast-food company make a commercial that focuses on bullying?
  • What do you think the commercial was trying to demonstrate?


  1. Video II: (4:00)  2015 Anti-bullying Video Updated

          This includes statistics about bullying and a compilation of pictures of bullied kids who turn out to be celebrities who were bullied as children.

            Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Were you surprised that the celebrities in the video had been bullied? Why or why not?
  • What do you think motivates people to bully others?


  1. Information Sheet: handout
  2. Handout II:  Bullying: Student Stories and Feedback



Past Activities This Quarter

Thursday, October 26

It’s the last Thursday of the month so this week is "Flex Time!"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Topic: End of the quarter data review

Main Idea: Students will reflect on the end of the nine weeks and discuss/analyze student feedback from earlier in this quarter. 


Northrop Students Said . . .     

Discussion questions after reviewing handout:

  • Thinking only about what is positive, what is the best thing about Northrop?
  • What is one thing that seriously needs improvement?
  • What additional clubs/activities would you like to see at Northrop?
  • What additional classes would you like to see offered here?
  • What suggestions do you have to make BT more beneficial to you?
  • Do you regularly attend athletic events? Plays? Other school activities? Why or why not?