Northrop High School 12th Grade

12th Grade Bruin Time Map



August 24th 


Intro to Bruin Time


Students will gain a better understanding of the purpose of Bruin Time and will get to know their Advisor.


Bruin Time Student Handout


Video: What is Bruin Time?


Get to Know Your Advisor

(Handout for Teacher)


Ice Breaker Activities

-Salt n Pepper

-Truths and Lies Ice Breakers

-Starburst Icebreaker

-People Bingo

Blank Template for People Bingo

More Ice Breaker Activities

Note: this is a link to one article with three activities

-Blobs and Lines

-Concentric Circles

-This or That


3-2-1 Reflection


August 31st 

Mindset A person’s mindset is the most influential factor in achieving personal goals.


Mindset Definition

YouTube: Mindshift Motivational Video (5:14)

Fabulous Failures and Growth Mindshift Discussion

Team Building Activity: Best Parts of Being a Senior 

Clubs and Organizations Handout


Mindshift Discussion Questions


September 7th 

We Are Northrop  Review of school policies and procedures; PBIS explained; Homecoming activities next week

Overview of Northrop Policies 

Intro to PBIS - vending machine debut this year

Team building activity: materials provided for students to make name plaques on paper to be displayed in hallway Homecoming banners


September 14th 

What is your Dream? When you have a dream, or set a goal, you need to live your life with your dream in mind (ask yourself if your daily actions are leading you to your dream)

 YouTube: Everybody dies but not everybody lives (5:40)

Video Discussion Questions

3-2-1 Reflection


September 21st 

Procrastination Procrastination is everybody’s problem.

Team building/group work activity

Stop wasting time: Motivational video for success and Studying (5:54)

Video Discussion Question


September 28th 

Failure You shouldn’t be afraid of failure; you can learn more from failure than from success.

YouTube: Fail your way to success (5:44)

Video Discussion Questions

Exit Slip: share a time when you learned from failure


October 5th 

PSAT/Test Taking Skills/Bruin Time Feedback

Prep for PSAT 

Student feedback about Bruin Time is valued--we want input from students to help make Bruin Time as valuable as possible.

PSAT FAQ sheet and sample questions

Tips for answering questions on standardized tests

Bruin Time Feedback Questions for Students


October 12th 

Goal Setting Goal setting is a life skill.

Smart Goal Worksheet (3:10)

Smart Goal Video (3:10)