Memorial Park Middle School Student Awards

Scholastic 2018 Winners

Gold Key 

Harmony High: Sea of Umbrellas

Olivia McFarren: Movement: My Oasis"

Amia Russell: fishing

Annaliese Tester: House in the Woods

Lauren Walda: puzzle of life

Diana Diaz: Narcotics

Lily Dukes: They Forgot the Pickles

Lily Dukes: Black Dahlia 

Lily Dukes: The Flop

Kailani Johnson: The Bicycle That Could Fly

Ren Moore: Drown

Hunter Ngo: The Mummy Ninja

Silver Key 

Danelia Bouwers: pop art

Harmony High: Dazed Color

Gwendolyn Jakway: Too Close to the Flame

Lilith Lujin: Invaded

Coral Towe: Revival

Teah Townsend: Colorful People Make Colorful Music

Lauren Walda: good vibes

Diana Diaz: Victorian With Nature

Lillie Dikty: Painting

Trevion Drosett: The Eternal Scream

Lily Dukes: Totem

Grace Gillie: Without a hall pass

Diego Munoz: Fallen

Honorable Mention

Danelia Bouwers: Renewal, Death, Life

Harmony High: Home On The Nest

Gwendolyn Jakway: Field

Gwendolyn Jakway: Dark Reflections

Lilith Lujin: Water

Olivia McFarren: The Rift

Carter Morgan: Old New Tech

Hazel Soto: Words Hurt

Ila Wilkinson: Sculpture in the Park

Ariela Dawson: Condiment Chaos

Mikayla Klima: Butterfly Mist

German Nino: Horse

Hannah Offhaus: Nowhere But Up