Memorial Park Middle School Quick Facts

Attendance and Attendance Line

Memorial Park’s attendance line is 467-5284. If you are calling in a student absent or tardy, please use this number and not the main office number. 

Homework can be requested for pickup for prolonged absences. Call the attendance line to request any work that you would like to pick up for your student. Students are given the amount of time they are absent plus one day to turn in late homework due to an absence unless otherwise stated by a teacher.

Dismissal Changes

If you need to call in a dismissal change for a student, please do so before 1:45 pm. This ensures that our office staff can relay the message to your child before dismissal.

Early Dismissal

If you are picking a student up before the end of the school day, you must report to door 1 and sign your student out on the early dismissal clipboard. Students will NOT be called down to the office before you arrive. The office staff will call your student down once you arrive in the office.


All guests/visitors must report to the main office. Please buzz in for admittance to the office. If you wish to enter the school building beyond the front office, you must have a valid driver’s license and go through our SafeVisitor check-in process, which is used district wide for student safety. Visits with teachers must be pre-approved 24 hours in advance with the administration and the teacher. 

After School Activities and Pick Up

At Memorial Park, we encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities. Students who participate in clubs, academic teams, sports, and music ensembles must sign in on the sign-in sheets in the cafeteria after school. 

We offer two activity buses after school Monday-Thursday, one with a north route and one with a south route. These buses are open to any student who stays after for an after school activity. Bus schedules can be found in the main office. Riding the activity bus is a privilege and good behavior is expected for students who utilize the activity bus. 

Students who are not picked up by their parent after school by 2:45 should go down to the cafeteria. Any parent picking up their student after 2:45 should pick their student up at door 5. 

Bus Text Alerts

This year we have launched a new text alert system called Remind to let our parents know about bus changes and late buses. Remind is a free and confidential app that can be used on your phone or tablet. Text alerts about bus changes can be sent directly to your phone, tablet, or email. To sign up for Remind that is specific to Memorial Park buses, click this link.

For more information about Remind, please see our Remind flyer on Peachjar or call the main office.

Grades, Progress Reports, and Report Cards

Fort Wayne Community Schools teachers use the grading system Pinnacle. Memorial Park teachers update grades in Pinnacle at least once per week. All Memorial Park parents/guardians who have online access to their student’s grades have a Pinnacle access code so that they can remain up to date on grades and assignments. For your personal Pinnacle log-in information, please contact the main office. 

Progress reports are sent home with students during their 9th period class halfway through each quarter. Dates that progress reports will be sent home are: 9/15/17, 11/17/17, 2/9/18, and 4/20/18.

Final grade report cards are also sent home with students. Dates that report cards will be sent home are:

11/1 and 11/2 during Parent Teacher Conferences (those not picked up at conferences will be sent home 11/6), 1/31 and 2/1 at Parent Teacher Conferences (those not picked up at conferences will be sent home 2/5), 3/29, and 4th quarter report cards will be mailed home in June. 

Students who may be in danger of failing a class will receive a Possible Failure Notice two to three weeks prior to the end of each quarter.