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The Joust is Lakeside’s exclusive, student-led journalism program, supervised by Mr. Sabin.  Our mission is not only to write news articles about what is happening at The Lake, but to also celebrate success, promote literacy, and create awareness of what is happening at our school.  We publish student-written articles on this website for the community to see, and post pictures of #lakesidepride in action on our Instagram and Twitter pages.   

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April/ May Staff Spotlight- Mrs. Bowers (6th grade Math teacher)

Paw Say Hei- Staff Reporter

What inspired you to be a math teacher?

Math is fun and always makes sense.


How long have you been teaching math?

29 years.


What’s your favorite part about teaching math?

You can do different things every day.


How are you able to do a lot of work in such a short period of time?

I think because we stay on task and don’t get distracted.


What do you love most about Lakeside?

Everybody cares about everybody else and the teachers are like my family.  The kids work hard and care about learning.