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Towles New Tech Recognized for Excellence (January 18, 2017): Check out the link to the article about Towles New Tech on the Journal Gazette website!

Towles New Tech Exemplary School

Towles New Tech has achieved Demonstration Site status in the New Tech Network for the 2016-17 school year. Congratulations to the staff and students of Towles New Tech for this fantastic achievement!

Letters to the Next President (October 28, 2016): In this project, 8th grade LASS students learned about the Three Branches of Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and the Electoral College. They also researched the current presidential election. All students wrote a letter to the next president about a current issue that they would like to see changed/fixed at the national level. Each letter contained quotes, research, and facts about the chosen issue as well as the student’s opinion on the topic. Topics ranged from Gun Control, Immigration, Higher Education, Climate Change, and more. 20 of the top student letters were chosen to be published on the national website for the public to read. Currently there are 4,100 student letters on the site, and now Towles New Tech has put its mark on it!

Visit Fort Wayne (October 28, 2016): The 7th grade LASS students all participated in the Holding Down the Fort project during the month of September. All students were charged with the task of learning about the 4 major civilizations (Ancient China, India, Mesopotamia and Egypt). All of these successful civilizations had 8 characteristics in common: rivers, technology/innovations, religion, government, social hierarchy, culture, food supply, art & architecture. Students then researched the history of Fort Wayne and found that we had many similarities. Students wrote a comparative essay explaining how Fort Wayne is like a great ancient civilization. They then worked in teams to use this same argument to create a promotional video about the great civilization of Fort Wayne. These videos were reviewed and judged by Visit Fort Wayne and the two winners have their videos posted on Visit Fort Wayne’s blog.

WANE-TV (March 2, 2016): On Wednesday, March 2nd, 8th grade students at Towles were visited by WANE TV’s Chief Meteorologist, Nicholas Ferreri. Mr. Ferreri spoke to our students about weather and the field of meteorology and while on the News at 5 that night, he showed a picture of our students on the air.
TNT in the news

Journal Gazette (January 24, 2016): Towles competed in the Future City Regional Competition at IPFW on January 23rd. 
WANE-TV and NE Indiana & Fort Wayne News (May 22, 2015): Eighth-grade students visited Fort Wayne’s Water Pollution Control Plant to see how the city works to be sustainable by using renewable energy resources.