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Mrs. Toy Named

Indiana Middle School

Art Educator of the Year

The Art Education Association of Indiana will be holding its annual convention November 3rd-4th in Fishers, Indiana. Ft. Wayne resident Ashley Toy will receive the Middle School Art Educator of the Year award. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and are teachers who show outstanding artistic achievement and service in education.

Ashley Toy teaches middle school art at Towles Intermediate in Ft. Wayne, IN. She holds a B.S in Fine Arts from University of St. Francis.

She is a strong supporter of STEAM education incorporating stop-animation, digital photography, drafting, architecture and graphic arts in the classroom. She has been teaching Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB) in an art classroom with a variety of centers ranging from fiber arts, painting, drawing to technology. Mrs. Toy has won many awards and was on the deans list from 2007.

Jody Nix, Asst Professor and Program Director of Art Education and Pre-Art Therapy says,”I was thoroughly impressed at my first introduction to Mrs. Toy at our summer program. Her classes were engaging, exciting, and extremely well organized. The art product her students leave with are exceptional and from their own curiosities and investigation. Never are they just an assembly line production. This allowance of such deep creativity comes intrinsically from her embracing her curriculum with TAB method, the nationally recognized
choice based art education approach.”

Tim Captain, Principal Towles Intermediate School, Ft. Wayne says,” Mrs. Toy is a sincere advocate for all students. She sparks an interest in art with each student and she helps each young artist improve his or her art skills. One could walk into Mrs. Toy’s classroom at any moment and find 100% of students engaged in rigorous and meaningful work. One would also observe Mrs. Toy moving throughout the room giving individualized and
specific feedback to each student.

Mrs. Toy is a teacher leader and collaborator in various capacities… Mrs. Toy collaborates with teachers of all grade levels and content areas to integrate art into cross-curricular projects and units.”

Ashley’s dedication to teaching children and colleagues, her hard work and tireless efforts, make Ashley very
deserving of the title “Middle School Teacher of the Year 2017”.

Mrs. Lahrman Named

Hoosier Educator of the Year

The Hoosier Educator of the Year was awarded to Carissa Richardson-Lahrman for her excellence in teaching, advocacy for the profession, community engagement and leadership in professional development. Richardson-Lahrman is a seventh-grade science and engineering technology teacher at Towles New Tech in Fort Wayne. With more than 10 years of teaching, she is in her last year of pursuing National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Science. 

Richardson-Lahrman has served on the Fort Wayne Education Association’s (FWEA) executive board, acted as an association representative and worked on discussion, compensation and Every Student Succeeds Act implementation teams. She also created and maintains the FWEA website. 

Her community involvement centers on education. Richardson-Lahrman administers the Fort Wayne Sister Cities Student Exchange Program. 

"Carissa’s continuing dedication to public education and her students easily recommended her as this year’s Hoosier Educator of the Year," said ISTA President Teresa Meredith. "She gives back to her kids, school and community while also improving her teaching practice. She’s a shining example of what Hoosier public school educators accomplish daily." 

The Hoosier Educator of the Year is presented in partnership with Horace Mann Educators Corporation.

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Congratulations to our Purdue University Agriculture Award Winner at the Hoosier State Science Fair!

University Agriculture Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Logan Ross, one of our 8th graders, received the Purdue University Excellence in Agriculture Junior Division Award at the Hoosier State Science and Engineering Fair. This award came with a Certificate of Merit and a $75 cash prize. Please congratulate him when you see him!!!

Welcome to Towles Intermediate School!

Our school is one of Fort Wayne Community School’s magnet schools. Our 1st through 6th grade follows the Montessori curriculum and our 7th and 8th grade is a New Tech school and follows a project-based learning curriculum.

What is Montessori?

     In our Montessori magnet program, all classrooms are multi-aged with most students staying with the same teacher in the same classroom environment for three years. This gives the teacher valuable time to get to know each of his or her students’ learning styles, interests, and abilities so as to personalize the daily instruction. The students become familiar with the routines of the classroom, expectations of the teacher, and availability of materials to help with completing work choices. Parent involvement in their student’s education prospers.

     Teachers are trained beyond their normal university degrees required for licensing in Indiana at an American Montessori Society accredited teacher education center. The Montessori teacher is well trained in Montessori philosophy, curriculum, instructional materials and activities. All of these compliment the FWCS Literacy Program, Envision Math activities, Science kits and Social Studies curriculum. 

     Classroom environments that fascinate both students and parents are carefully planned and prepared by the teachers. Each room is a learning laboratory where the children are free to explore and discover more after lessons have been given. Children develop independence as they choose what work they need to be complete. They also become comfortable and confident in their abilities to master the environment, ask questions, problem solve, and pursue a love for learning. As children move into the upper grade in each classroom, they have opportunities to mentor and assist younger students in the room. Children learn to respect others, respect themselves, and respect the classroom environment. Much time is spent learning how to solve conflicts harmoniously.

     Peace is key to the success of our Montessori program.

What is New Tech?

    The Project-Based Learning (PBL) that we do at New Tech focuses on facilitators creating real-world projects that have authentic products (real-world solutions). Students are presented with a problem for which they will then have to create a solution. The environment our students have at school is based on the principles of trust, respect, and responsibility. For more information about our New Tech culture, check out the New Tech culture page on the menu above.

How do projects work?

    At the beginning of a project, facilitators have an entry event that prepares the students by getting them excited and telling them about the topic. After the entry event, students read through an entry document that tells them what the project is about and what they will be doing to complete it. Students form teams and draw up a contract where they list their team agreements, goals and tasks. Once their team contracts are completed, students then generate a list of “Knows” and “Need to Knows” that they will use throughout the project to request workshops from facilitators when they do not understand a specific topic about which they are learning. Each project is comprised of benchmarks that allow students and their facilitators to track the progress of their team. As teams complete their benchmarks, they are building their final product which is often a solution to the problem that was first introduced in the entry document.

Trust, Respect, and Responsibility is key to the success of our New Tech program.

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