Snider High School Discipline

Discipline Department Administrators
Mr. Russell
Mrs. Rolunda Suttle
Mr. O’Mandre Hall


Both regular and special education students are subject to disciplinary procedures which promote positive behavioral change and/or ensure the well-being of others. The goal is to have all students function successfully in their educational and social environments and to protect fellow students, school staff members, and public property, as well as themselves.
Disciplinary procedures that affect students identified as needing special education services will be administered in compliance with federal and state laws. A manifestation determination cause conference will be scheduled if disciplinary charges recommending expulsion are filed.


Students who break rules are subject to disciplinary consequences by teachers, administrators, or other school personnel. There are six levels of consequence for offenses. Examples provided do not constitute a complete list of the infractions for which students may be found in violation of rules.

Progressive steps of discipline

Minimum and maximum levels of disciplinary consequences are listed. It is intended that discipline be progressive in nature and move to a more serious consequence with each violation. In the case of more serious offenses, the consequences may not be progressive in nature but reflect the seriousness of the situation.


If an out-of-school suspension is necessary, the student will have an opportunity to hear the charges against him/her and to present his/her side of the story. Parents will be offered the opportunity to meet to discuss the suspension. The reason(s) for the suspension will be provided to the parents and students. If the intent of the principal is to file written charges for an expulsion, parents will be notified in writing within two (2) school days.

Alternative Consequences

If in judgment of the principal/designee, based on the age of the student and/or nature of the offense, an alternative consequence is satisfactory to resolve the offense, the principal/designee has the authority to develop an appropriate alternative disciplinary consequence under a written contract with the parent, student, and the teacher as appropriate. The principal must approve the written contract for an alternative consequence. This written contract will be retained in the administrative office.

Law Violations

If the student violates the law the FWCS security office will be contacted for assistance. The police department may be involved depending on the severity of the offense. Parents will also be contacted if possible.