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New Tech Academy at Wayne in cooperation with Mayor Tom Henry’s office, is inviting community leaders to the annual freshman gallery walk from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Grand Wayne Center, Calhoun Ballroom AB. Students redesigned downtown Fort Wayne and provided ideas for a new and improved downtown district. Students developed a blueprint of the area within the borders of State Street (north), Coliseum Boulevard (East), Creighton Avenue (south), and Hillegas Road (west). Students learned the Six Principles of City Planning to develop a new look for Fort Wayne. Student teams will present 3-dimensional design ideas, a blueprint of a 2-square mile area of downtown to scale, new bridge ideas and forms of media to promote their ideas.

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The New Tech design provides an instructional approach centered on project-based learning, a culture that empowers students and teachers, and integrated technology in the classroom. Our hands-on, multi-year approach gives schools structure and support to ensure long-term success.

"If someone asks about the school, I tell them that this school is the future. The projects relate to the real world, so I never have to ask "why am I learning this?" It’s challenging but in a good way. The way we integrate technology and presentations gives us skills we will use forever. Our school really prepares us for what comes next."
 — Luis Enrique Arriaga, New Tech Academy