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Indian Village students will attend Starbase one morning a week for five weeks. Students will construct and perform fair investigations in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects of a model or prototype that can be improved. Students will collaborate together to design and implement investigations incorporating all of the aspects of STEM.

Academic Assessment (TABE) Dates:

(8:00 A. M. Starting Time/11:30 Ending Time)

2016 Dates

2017 Dates

August: 10th, 11th, 17th, 24th and 31st January: 11th , 18th and 25th
September: 7th , 14th , 21st , and 28th February: 1st , 8th , 15th , and 22nd
October: 5th , 12th, 19th, and 26th March: 1st , 8th , 15th , 22nd, and 29th
November: 2nd, 9th, 16th  and 30th April: 12th , 19th ,and 26th
December: 7th  and 14th May: 3rd

Youth Life Skills saw a final enrollment of 341 students

At closing of the 2015-16  school year, the staff at Youth Life Skills saw a final enrollment of 341 students. Of the 226 students, based on credits,  were classified as seniors. Of the  226 classified seniors 144 students completed the academic course work required to obtain their high school diploma. We salute all 341 students for not giving up and dropping out of school. We are especially elated with the 144 students who faced the challenges that caused them to contemplate dropping out, overcame them and gained the academic credits they needed to obtain their high school diploma.

Contemplating dropping out of school extends far beyond that of Fort Wayne Community Schools into a life of social, psychological and economical challenges. The Fort Wayne Community Schools Youth Life Skills, the alternative school by choice, embrace the opportunity to educate all students to high standards, enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens. We are committed to working cooperatively with parents and the community to prepare our students for success in the endeavors of their choice.

Youth Life Skills

Student Testimonial

Anthis Career Academy

Youth Life Skills (YLS) was designed to assist in the prevention or discouragement of students leaving high school before they graduate. Youth Life Skills is an alternative to mainstream or traditional classroom structure. Youth Life Skills offers a non-traditional approach to education, focusing on the student as an individual and catching those who have fallen through the cracks. At Youth Life Skills we believe leaving school without a diploma negatively impacts the lives of individuals both their professional and personal. Youth Life Skills primary goal is to prepare students for lifetime achievement by creating an innovative and academically excellent school.

Many students and parents choose Youth Life Skills because of the small class sizes, an individualized learning process that equates to positive productive and an environment conducive to each student’s learning style. Youth Life Skills acknowledges the fact that students who attend Youth Life Skills enjoy an individualized high school experience in an environment that offers:


  • close student-teacher relationship
  • student decision-making
  • diverse curriculum
  • peer guidance & Parental involvement
  • more flexibility in academic scheduling
  • diverse curriculum built around each student’s goals, needs and learning style(s)
  • an environment where students feel engaged, empowered and challenged
  • an environment of mutual respect for every person
  • a certified High School Diploma from their home school
  • Instructional standards designed by the Indiana Department of Education and implemented by certified teachers

General Information:

  • Founded: 1995
  • Licensure: IDOE - State of Indiana
  • Accreditation: NCA CASI (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement)
  • Professional Development: District support, conferences, seminars and online opportunities.
  • Located: 1200 South Barr Street (Anthis Career Center).
  • Enrollment: Year Round
  • Program Duration: 9 months

Students Admitted:

  • Grades: 9-12
  • School District: FWCS (Fort Wayne Community Schools)

 As someone who struggles to focus in general, my home school had so many distractions.  I was bullied, distracted, and not getting one on one time I needed in my classes.  I never pushed myself so neither did my teachers. I tried many different approaches to getting my education such as home schooling and other high schools in our area.  I was looking for motivation but I never found it.   Instead I found the same mean kids, rude teachers and various distractions.  I tried to return to my home school, my counselor explained to me that my lack of academic success prevented me from returning.  However, the counselor explained Youth Life Skills to me.  I have been attending YLS ever since.  On my first day I fell in love with the teachers, the accepting people, the open minds and the diversity of the students attending there.  Everyone is friendly, caring and wants to see me succeed. At Youth Life Skills we are not viewed as charity cases.  We are hard, determined students treated with respect.  This year I will graduate.

- Dajanique W.

My home school was not at all right for me.  Since coming to YLS, I have seen and felt like I matter as a person.  At YLS I am not just a GPA or test score even though I know both are important.  I am a student trying my best to get an education. At YLS I can go to my teachers and they know who I am.  In my courses the teachers know many of my strengths and weaknesses.  When I am struggling, on assignments, the teachers provide the one-on-one assistance I need to understand.   I really love the time I have spent at YLS.  It has made my high school experience so much better than where I started.  I am a more confident me, much more than I ever was.  I do believe being here helped me grow as an adult.

- Jackie S.

I believe Youth Life Skills has a learning environment more suitable for me than my home school.  With smaller classes, one-on-one help from my teachers and the ability to work at my own pace has allowed me to be more comfortable and more willing to work.

- Derrick M.


I feel as though I can be more open with the teachers and staff at Youth Life Skills.  I also feel safer here than at my home school.  I can focus more on my education and my future.


- Bryant T.

Staff Stories

Although I have not been with Youth Life Skills nearly as long as some of the other staff, I know I am in it for the long haul. I truly enjoy walking into school every day to be greeted by students and staff alike. It is a close knit community that I would compare to being a family. The staff works closely and harmoniously together to meet the goals of students. Communication and common ground seem to be the key to student success.

Youth Life Skills receives a diverse population of students and it is a pleasure getting to know each and every one that walk through my door. Making that connection with each student goes a long way. This paves the way for a mutual respect which I find leads to a productive learning environment. Here students have the guidance and the discipline to find what really helps them excel and I think that is what makes this place so special. I love that here at Youth Life Skills every student gets rewarded for their hard work and no person gets lost in the crowd. Helping students to stay on track and meet their goals is tremendously rewarding to me.

--Mrs. Relue

Admission Process:

  • Determine whether Youth Life Skills would be a good fit for your son or daughter.
  • Determine whether your son or daughter is a good fit for Youth Life Skills. (We only accept students who are strongly interested in obtaining their high school diploma or credits leading to their high school diploma).
  • Contact your son or daughter’s high school guidance counselor for required documents (referral form, transcript and any specialized testing - ECA).
  • Schedule a diagnostic test to determine your son or daughter’s academic skill level. (A testing score of 7.0 or higher is preferred). Contact Youth Life Skills to obtain results of testing at (260) 467-6370.
  • Schedule an orientation and start date. (First 30 days are a probationary period to determine the student/program cohesion).

IDOE identification number: 0992
Fax Number: 467-6370