Helen P. Brown Natatorium Water Safety Program

The Helen P. Brown Natatorium offers lessons for children ages 3 and up through adults. The Natatorium uses the American Red Cross program for all Learn-to-Swim lessons and the Water Safety Instructor program, and the International Lifeguard Training Program through Ellis & Associates for Lifeguard Training.

American Red Cross Level 1 Swim Lessons (Ages 6+) Level 1 is for the beginner swimmer. Swimmers will learn basic water adjustment skills including bubble blowing, submerging, and front and back floats.
American Red Cross Level 2 Swim Lessons (Ages 6+) Swimmers in Level 2 will begin to learn how to swim on their front and back. Other skills include retrieving objects and treading water.
American Red Cross Level 3 Swim Lessons (Ages 6+) Level 3 swimmers will be introduced to front crawl and elementary backstroke along with flutter, scissor, dolphin and breaststroke kicks on their front.
American Red Cross Level 4 Swim Lessons (Ages 6+) Swimmers in Level 4 will continue to refine front crawl and elementary backstroke and be introduced to back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly and diving.
American Red Cross Level 5 Swim Lessons (Ages 6+) Level 5 is for the advanced swimmer. Swimmers will refine all six strokes, turns and diving skills.
Parent Tot Swim Lessons (Ages 3-6) Instructors lead parents and children through water adjustment skills with fun water activities. The goal of the class is to teach parents how to work with their children in the water. Swimmers will learn submerging, front and back floats, and beginner stroke.
Puddle Jumpers This class is designed for children who are not old enough for the level classes, but can successfully participate in the class without the aid of a parent and are comfortable in the water. Skills include: unsupported front and back float, bubble blowing, enter and exit water on own, beginner stroke for three yards, and the sitting dive.
Private Swim Lessons (Ages 4+) Learn one on one with an instructor working at your own pace. These lessons are a great way for adults and children to learn new skills or improve skills they already have.
International Lifeguard Training Program (Ages 15+) This training program encourages the development of leadership and teamwork skills. The license includes CRP, First Aid, and water rescue techniques.
American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course (Ages 17+) This certification will give class members the tools needed to develop effective and safe lesson plans for teaching swim lessons. Participants will practice teach throughout the course to refine their teaching skills.