Memorial Park Middle School Extracurricular

Memorial Park Athletics 2017-2018

Athletic Teams

Cross Country

2017 Meet Schedule

9/6: MPMS vs. Lakeside @ Lakeside

9/13: MPMS vs. Northwood @ MPMS

9/20: MPMS vs. Portage and Shawnee @ Portage

9/27: MPMS vs. Northwood and Blackhawk @ Blackhawk

10/04: MPMS vs. Kekionga and Towles @ MPMS

10/11: MPMS vs. Lane and Miami @ Lane

10/12: City Championship @ Wayne HS

Girls CC 2018

Girls BBall 2018


2017-2018 Game Schedule

11/28: Girls at Towles, Boys vs. Towles at MPMS

11/30: Girls vs. Lane at MPMs, Boys at Lane

12/05: Girls vs. Lakeside at MPMS, Boys at Lakeside

12/12: Girls at Jefferson, Boys vs. Jefferson at MPMS

12/14: Girls at Portage, Boys. vs. Portage at MPMS

12/19: Girls vs. Shawnee at MPMS, Boys at Shawnee

12/21: Girls vs. Northwood at MPMS, Boys at Northwood

1/10: Girls vs. Kekionga at South Side HS, Boys vs. Kekionga at South Side HS

1/16: Girls vs. Miami at MPMS, Boys vs. Miami at Miami

11/18: Girls vs. Blackhawk at Blackhawk, Boys vs. Blackhawk at MPMS

2/07: Boys and Girls Championship Game at South Side High School


Memorial Park is the only FWCS middle school with a school swim team. Practices for this team begin after Winter Break and are held at South Side Natatorium in the evenings. For a full practice schedule, please click on the calendar app on our homepage. 

2018 Swim Meet Schedule 

2/06: Girls vs. Norwell at Norwell

2/08: Boys vs. Norwell at Norwell

2/13: Boys and Girls vs. Bluffton at Bluffton

2/20: Boys and Girls vs. Maple Creek and Carroll at Carroll High School 


2018 Game Schedule

3/26: Girls vs. Northwood at MPMS, Boys vs. Northwood at Northwood

3/28: Girls vs. Kekionga at MPMs, Boys. vs. Kekionga at Kekionga

4/11: Girls vs. Lane at MPMS, Boys vs. Lane at Lane

4/18: Girls vs. Shawnee at Shawnee, Boys vs. Shawnee at MPMS

4/23: Girls vs. Miami at MPMS, Boys vs. Miami at Miami

4/25: Girls vs. Lakeside at Lakeside, Boys vs. Lakeside at MPMS

5/02: Girls vs. Blackhawk at Blackhawk, Boys vs. Blackhawk at MPMS

5/07: Girls vs. Portage at Portage, Boys vs. Portage at MPMS

5/9: Girls vs. Towles at MPMS, Boys vs. Towles @ Towles

Soccer Tournament Schedule

5/15: Tournament Round 1 Boys

5/17: Tournament Round 2 Boys

5/22: Semifinals Boys

5/24 Championship Boys

5/14: Tournament Round 1 Girls

5/16: Tournament Round 2 Girls

5/22: Semifinals Girls


Memorial Park’s intramural sports include basketball, dodge ball, bowling, badminton, and golf. Games begin in November and are held after school in the gym unless otherwise noted by Mr. Helmke. 

2017-2018 Intramurals Schedule

Basketball: 11/7, 11/9, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28

Lazer Tag: 12/14

Dodge Ball: 1/16, 1/18, 1/23, 1/25, 1/30

Kickball: /13, 2/15, 2/22, 2/217

Badminton: 3/13. 3/15, 3/20, 3/22

Bowling: 4/19

Golf: 5/8, 5/10

Coaching Staff

Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Coach Gina Ryan:

Boys’ Basketball Coach Dave Meyer:

Girls’ Basketball Coach Kate Frisk:

Boys’ and Girls’ Swim Team Coach Amy Kohler:

Girls’ Soccer Coach Gina Ryan:

Boys’ Soccer Coach Mitch Palmer:

Intramurals Coach Todd Helmke:

Athletic Director: Dan Smith

2017-2018 Athletic Standings

Boys Cross Country- City Champions

Girls Cross Country- City Runner Up

Boys Basketball- City Runner Up

Girls Basketball- City Champions


Girls basketball vs. Shawnee, 12-19-17