District Status: Schools closed remainder of school year; FWCS Offices closed 3/23-6/14 About Memorial Park Middle School

Memorial Park History 1 Memorial Park Middle School is named for the neighborhood in which it is located. It is part of the district’s arts magnet program, serving  students in sixth through eighth grades. The arts magnet program began  in 1979 at Memorial Park as well as Whitney Young Elementary School. In  1981, the program expanded to Weisser Park Elementary. Like Young and  Weisser Park, Memorial Park offers students enrichment in music, art,  foreign language, choir, speech and drama. 

Memorial Park has an Ambassador Program that helps students learn to  assist their school and community through responsible leadership. Each  year, a team of Memorial Park students participates in eCYBERMISSION, a  U.S. Army-sponsored, free, web-based, science, math and technology  competition that allows students in grades six through nine to compete  for regional and national awards while working to solve problems in their community. Students from Memorial Park  have won thousands of dollars in savings bonds through the competition.

The school was built in 1966, and as one of the district’s seven magnet  schools, it does not draw its students from a geographic area. Students  attending Memorial Park Middle School come from Weisser Park Elementary  and feed into South Side High School. The school is located in the Board of School Trustees District 4.

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