Memorial Park Middle School Student Awards

2017-2018 Student Awards

Student Writers

We are so proud of Hannah Offhaus (grade 7) Sean Abernathy (grade 8) and Mireya Monterroso (grade 8) who had their writing accepted for the Appleseed Young Writer’s Showcase Saturday, April 28th at IPFW. Hannah submitted two poems, Mireya submitted one poem, and Sean submitted an excerpt from his sci-fi novella.

Angel Bishop placed first in the Allen County Public Library Poetry Contest for the 2017-2018 school year with her poem "The Sound of the Skies." Look for it in the Treasure Trove, set to be published in May 2018! 

Grace Gillie placed second in the Fort Wayne Newspapers Design an Ad 2018 contest. 

Chali Moss placed first in the Fort Wayne Community Schools Speech Contest. 

Student Athletes

In athletics, our boys’ cross country team finished first in the city. Our girls’ cross country team was the city runner up. Our girls’ basketball team won back to back city championships this year and our boys’ basketball team came in second overall with a terrifically close game against Towles. 

Academic Teams

Our spell bowl placed first in the city this year. Our champion team: Angel Bishop, Shania Franklin, Cindy Salgado, Holden Robbins, Katie North, Aaliyah Pate, Melanie Reyes, Isaiah Robertson and Katie Baker.

Our academic super bowl teams had a successful season! At the regional level the math team placed 3rd. Our interdisciplinary team (language arts, social studies, math and science combined) earned 1st  place. The interdisciplinary team placed 6th overall in the state competition. 

Student Musicians

We have two students participating in the Fort Wayne City Orchestra. Those students are Brandon Springer (1st violin) and Henri Spoelhof (upright bass).


Our Advanced Band, Advanced Choir, and Advanced Orchestra all secured a gold at the ISSMA Organizational Festival.

Band students brought home a total of 30 gold medals and 11 silver medals from the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival. 

Jazz Ensembles

Big Noise Jazz Band won all three area jazz festivals (Snider, Northside, and Northrop). Solo award winners include Henri Spoelhof, Kennitha Somkit, Lauren Walda, Alex Aylward, Madyson Jauregui, Isabelle Miller, Jackson Prescott, and Elizabeth Aylward

78th Edition Show Choir

January 19- Carroll HS – 1st Runner Up and Best Female Vocalist in a Show

Feb. 2 – Northrop – 3rd place

Feb. 9 – Dekalb – 5th place

Feb. 16 – Homestead – Grand Champion & Best Vocals

Feb. 23 – Garrett – 4th place

March 10 – 3rd place & Best Choreography

In April 19 & 20th, the Show Choir with other auditioned students (a cast of 47) put on the musical “Hairspray Jr.” with the 8th grade girls doing choreography for the entire show. They will be performing their award winning contest show at the May 9th concert at 6:00 pm. They will finish out this year with a Talent Show, which they host and run the last week of school.

2018-2017 eCybermission Science Team- 3rd in the region

Congratulations to Larry Lesh’s science team for its very successful season. Team members are Grace Gillie, Fiona Gochtovtt-Stine, Hannah Offhaus and Audrey Woodruff. So far they have each received a $1,000 U S savings bond for finishing first in Indiana and another $1,000 U S Savings bond for having one of the top three scores in this eleven state region. The students’ project this year has dealt with waste water. Mr. Lesh, the team advisor, retired from Memorial Park Middle School many years ago, but each year he has returned to sponsor four youngsters in a science project for a competition sponsored by Ecybermission. The all-female group of seventh graders will competed to go to the national competition in Washington, D.C. Although they fell short before reaching the national competition, they finished first in the state of Indiana and third in the region.

Scholastic Art 2018 Winners

Gold Key 

Harmony High: Sea of Umbrellas

Olivia McFarren: Movement: My Oasis

Amia Russell: fishing

Annaliese Tester: House in the Woods

Lauren Walda: puzzle of life

Diana Diaz: Narcotics

Lily Dukes: They Forgot the Pickles

Lily Dukes: Black Dahlia 

Lily Dukes: The Flop

Kailani Johnson: The Bicycle That Could Fly

Ren Moore: Drown

Hunter Ngo: The Mummy Ninja

Silver Key 

Danelia Bouwers: pop art

Harmony High: Dazed Color

Gwendolyn Jakway: Too Close to the Flame

Lilith Lujin: Invaded

Coral Towe: Revival

Teah Townsend: Colorful People Make Colorful Music

Lauren Walda: good vibes

Diana Diaz: Victorian With Nature

Lillie Dikty: Painting

Trevion Drosett: The Eternal Scream

Lily Dukes: Totem

Grace Gillie: Without a hall pass

Diego Munoz: Fallen

Honorable Mention

Danelia Bouwers: Renewal, Death, Life

Harmony High: Home On The Nest

Gwendolyn Jakway: Field

Gwendolyn Jakway: Dark Reflections

Lilith Lujin: Water

Olivia McFarren: The Rift

Carter Morgan: Old New Tech

Hazel Soto: Words Hurt

Ila Wilkinson: Sculpture in the Park

Ariela Dawson: Condiment Chaos

Mikayla Klima: Butterfly Mist

German Nino: Horse

Hannah Offhaus: Nowhere But Up