Towles Intermediate School Fall Sports


Volleyball - Varsity Team

Head Coach: Carissa Lahrman
*All Games start at 3:30 PM

September 8: Towles vs. Lakeside
               Results: L
September 15: Towles vs. Shawnee
               Results: L
September 20: Towles vs. Kekionga
               Results: L
September 22: Towles vs. Miami
               Results: L
September 27: Towles vs. Jefferson

               Results: L
September 29: Towles vs. Northwood

               Results: L
October 4: Towles vs. Blackhawk

               Results: L
October 5: Towles vs. Portage

               Results: W
October 11: Towles vs. Lane

               Results: L

October 17: 1st City Tournament Game
               Results: L
* underline indicates Home Team

Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country 

Head Coach: Angela Grier
*Boys’ race starts at 3:30 PM; Girls’ race starts at 4:00 PM

September 7: Towles vs. Blackhawk and Kekionga

               Results: Cancelled
September 14: Towles vs. Memorial Park and Jefferson
               Results: Boys: Win against Jefferson, Loss to Memorial Park                                Girls: Loss to Memorial Park and Jefferson
September 21: Towles vs. Miami and Shawnee
               Results: Boys: Win against Miami, Loss to Shawnee                                           Girls: Loss to Miami and Shawnee
September 28: Towles vs. Lakeside and Lane
               Results: Boys: Loss against Lakeside and Lane                                                   Girls: Cancelled due to Lightning
October 5: Towles vs. Miami and Portage

               Results: Boys: Win against Miami and Portage                                                    Girls: Cancelled due to Lightning
October 12th: City Championship at Wayne High School
                 Results: Boys: placed 7th overall and Skyler Highlen                                            placed 14th individually                                                                        Girls: not enough girls to place overall; best female                                runner was Nora Summers who placed 28th overall

Photos from 2015 Season

2015 Varsity Volleyball Team

2016 Varsity Volleyball Team

2015 Junior Varsity Volleyball Team

2016 Junior Varsity Volleyball Team

2016-17 Cross Country Team Pictures