Fort Wayne Community Schools School Resource Officers

In the 1999-2000 school year FWCS implemented its first SRO pilot at Snider High School. SRO’s are specially trained police officers who: First, are law-enforcement officer whose primary purpose is to "keep the peace". Secondly, are law-related educators who provide guidance on law-related issues. Thirdly, are law-related educators who provide schools with additional educational resource material.

In a NASRO survey, 91 percent of the SRO’s questioned say prevention makes up at least half of their jobs, with 56 percent saying their job is a 50/50 mix of preventative and reactionary duties. Only 7 percent say their main focus is enforcement and investigation

School Resource Officers perform an exceptionally wide range of specific tasks that focus on prevention and, in doing so, break the stereotype of police assigned to schools being strictly as a reactive measure for enforcement purposes. ---NASRO study


FWPD SRO Supervisor

Sgt. Jim Seay

Jefferson Middle School

School Resources Officer - Jefferson Middle School

Officer Chris McAfee

Kekionga Middle School

Officer Alisha Smith

School Resources Officer - Kekionga Middle School

Lakeside Middle School

School Resources Officer - Lakeside Middle School

Officer James Payne

Memorial Park Middle School

Officer Angela Reed

School Resources Officer - Memorial Park Middle School

FWPD Juvenile Division, School Liaison

Det. Reggie Moore

Miami Middle School

Officer Brian Demland

School Resources Officer - Miami Middle School

Portage Middle School

School Resources Officer - Portage Middle School

Officer Greg Addison

Towles Middle School

Officer Greg Woods

School Resources Officer - Towles Middle School