Fort Wayne Community Schools - No Alcohol No Drugs (NAND)

Fort Wayne Community Schools - No Alcohol No Drugs (NAND)

Fort Wayne Community Schools joins the community in hosting Allen County's school-based program, No Alcohol No Drugs (NAND), in keeping our students safe and healthy. This initiative brings parents, faculty, students, administration, law enforcement and community organizations together to provide greater insight into the problems of adolescent drug and alcohol abuse. The goal of NAND is to create a network, activities and awareness to prevent student alcohol, illegal drug and tobacco use at parties, in homes and cars, among peers and at social events.

NAND encourages parents to become educated about alcohol and other commonly used illegal substances. Students value parent interest and input - they may not agree, but they may listen and make the healthy choice not to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Our schools provide alcohol and drug education to all students through health education and other activities, but schools alone cannot prevent alcohol and other drug abuse. Prevention must start at home with concerned and involved parents.

Party Safe Home

Pledge to make your home a home safe drug providing alcohol or drugs to minors. Take the Party Safe Home pledge.

Information about Alcohol/Drugs


The FWCS NAND Task Force encourages you to
  • Know your children's friends and their parents.
  • Know where your children are and let them know where you are.
  • Take a firm stand against drugs and alcohol.
  • Be awake or ask to be awakened when your children come home at night.
  • Assure your children that hey can telephone you for a ride home wherever they are.
  • Call the person or office to verify and activity; find out if it is parent or school supervised; and make sure that there will be no drugs or alcohol served. Verify if the parents will be home and supervising for the duration.
  • Set a reasonable curfew for your child.


The FWCS NAND Task Force encourage you to stay safe by:
  • Letting your parents know where you will be.
  • Giving your parents the phone number and address of any party you attend.
  • Calling your parents if the location of the party is changed or if you leave the party early.
  • Returning home at specified times.
  • Knowing how and with whom you will get to and from the party.
  • Knowing where your parents will be and how to reach them.
  • Making arrangements to call parents or specified friends if, for any reason, you need a ride home.
  • Discussing with your parents the possible situations in which you might need to make such a call.
  • Avoiding returning to a party once you have left.
  • Letting your parents know when you arrive home.