Fort Wayne Community Schools - Board Mission


Fort Wayne Community Schools educates all students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens.


Fort Wayne Community Schools will be the school system of choice and a source of community pride.

Core Values

We value:

  • Student achievement as the heart of our work.
  • Equity in educational opportunities.
  • The diversity and uniqueness of our district and community.
  • The accountability of the school board, the administration, employees and teaching professionals.
  • Open and honest communication with our community, parents, and students.
  • Partnerships with business, governmental, and community agencies.
  • Our community’s support, sacrifice, and contributions.
  • The ability to change and meet all challenges.
  • Facilities that are clean, safe, and well-maintained.

District Goals

  • Goal I: Achieve and Maintain Academic Excellence
    Eliminate the achievement gap among all groups of students by maximizing the achievement of all.
    • Key Strategic Components:
      1. Rigorous and Relevant Educational Program
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Provide a district-wide standards-based comprehensive curriculum.
        2. Ensure equity of access and opportunity to learn.
        3. Accelerate and enrich programs to provide appropriate level of challenge and support for all students.
        4. Increase the number of students benefiting from upper level programs.
        5. Create opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular activities.
        6. Ensure graduates are prepared for post-secondary education or gainful employment.
      2. Measurable and Continuous Improvement
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Improve annual gains in student achievement in all content areas for all student populations.
        2. Close the gaps in achievement among student groups.
        3. Reduce student failure rates in each of the core academic content areas.
        4. Increase the percent of English Language Learner (ELL) students who progress annually in English proficiency.
        5. Decrease the drop-out rate.
        6. Increase the high school graduation rate.
        7. Increase the number of schools demonstrating Adequate Yearly Progress (NCLB).
        8. Increase the number of schools qualifying for the State’s Exemplary and Commendable Progress categories (PL 221).
      3. Effective Instruction
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Provide appropriate instruction to promote student learning.
        2. Monitor the effectiveness of instruction.
        3. Deliver relevant and rigorous professional development designed to build high level skills.
        4. Utilize technology systems to support instruction.
      4. Safe and Supportive Schools
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Maintain a physically and emotionally safe climate that supports student learning.
        2. Assure the safety of those in district buildings and at district events.
        3. Create a culture of civility, support, respect and collaboration in every school building.
        4. Provide multiple opportunities and the related support to engage all students.
        5. Ensure that student voices and youth leadership play meaningful roles in decision making.
  • Goal II: Engage Parents and the Community
    Engage all segments of the community to support the education of young people.
    • Key Strategic Components:
      1. Parent and Community Engagement
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Develop parental and community support in the quest for academic and personal excellence for each student.
        2. Improve communications between home and school in order to monitor each student’s attendance and academic progress.
        3. Increase parent and community volunteerism in schools.
      2. Public Confidence
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Improve the community’s support and confidence in the district.
        2. Expand positive and productive relationships with community-based organizations.
        3. Increase meaningful engagement by parents, youth and community.
      3. Effective Communication
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Develop and implement an internal communication plan that builds employee confidence in and ownership of district goals.
        2. Develop and implement an external communication plan that effectively improves knowledge of and confidence in the district.
        3. Develop and implement a marketing and recruitment strategy.
  • Goal III: Operate effectively with integrity and fiscal responsibility.
    Demonstrate effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars by using best management practices and systematic long range planning.
    • Key Strategic Components:
      1. Governance
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Review and revise policies to support effective, efficient operations.
        2. Increase meaningful engagement of the Board of Trustees with the public.
        3. Ensure integrity and effectiveness of major management systems and processes.
        4. Build and maintain partnerships across all sectors of the community in pursuit of district goals.
      2. Financial
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Align all district budgets with the district goals and objectives.
        2. Annually ensure all human and financial resources are effectively, efficiently and equitably directed.
      3. Management and Administrative Systems
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Ensure a cohesive leadership system to implement district goals.
        2. Ensure human resource best practices are implemented.
        3. Deliver safe and efficient transportation.
        4. Provide quality health services.
        5. Supply healthy nutritional services efficiently and safely.
        6. Provide effective technology systems.
      4. Facilities
        Strategic Objectives:
        1. Develop a sound long-range facilities plan in order to provide safe, clean, modern and well-equipped facilities acceptable to the community.
        2. Provide effective facilities management and stewardship.