Fort Wayne Community Schools - School Nursing Staff

Nursing Staff

School Nursing Staff

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these."
George Washington Carver

Health Services Director: Mary Hess, R.N.

Health and Wellness Coordinator: Gina Dundon

Nurse Coordinator at FACE: Natalie McLaughlin

School Nurse Coordinator: Darlene Yarnelle

Duties of the School Nurse:

  • Manage chronic health conditions
  • Shorten illness-related absences
  • Lessen the number of students sent home needlessly
  • Provide interventions to return students to class
  • Promote inclusion related to health needs
  • Offer ongoing health education
  • Inspect the school’s physical environment
  • Teach and use universal precautions
  • Support a non-violent, drug-free environment
  • Provide vision and dental screening
  • Identify health-related barriers and refer for care
  • Support nutritional, comfort, and clothing needs

Nursing Staff

  • Jan Ball, R.N.
    • Blackhawk
  • Kay Beemer, R.N.
    • Lincoln
  • Deborah Clappe, R.N.
    • Jefferson
  • Lela Crabtree-Guin, R.N.
    • Lane
  • Jennifer Crist, R.N.
    • Shambaugh, Northcrest
  • Candis Deisler, RN
    • Haley, Bunche
  • Jackie Derheimer, R.N.
    • Fairfield, South Wayne
  • April Didion, R.N.
    • Weisser Park, Young
  • Gina Dundon
    • Nebraska Center for Academic Success
  • Bev Eley, R.N.
    • Waynedale, Maplewood
  • Patricia Ezeakudo, R.N.
    • Kekionga
  • Christince Fawcett R.N.
    • Family and Community Engagement Center
  • Mary K. Firks, R.N.
    • Glenwood, Harris
  • Julie Fulgham, RN
    • Shawnee
  • Cindy Hall, R.N.
    • South Side
  • Anna Hartman R.N.
    • Harrison Hill 
  • Gina Herald R.N.
    • Holland
  • Teresa Hope R.N.
    • Northrop
  • Ronda Kissling R.N.
    • Snider

Nursing Staff

  • Michelle Lutz, R.N.
    • Croninger, Adams
  • Abby Knoblauch, R.N.
    • Wayne
  • Lisa Little, R.N.
    • Miami
  • Michelle Lutz R.N.
    • Adams, Croninger
  • Natalie McLaughlin R.N.
    • Family and Community Engagement Center
  • Amy Moord R.N.
    • St. Joe Central, Arlington
  • Marilyn Mueller, R.N.
    • Northwood, Washington Center
  • Zaida Ortiz, R.N.
    • Family and Community Engagement Center
  • Carolyn Peppler, R.N.
    • Towles, Levan Scott
  • Karen Randolph R.N.
    • Abbett, Brentwood
  • Sunny Stachera, R.N.
    • North Side
  • Tasha Tumbleson, R.N.
    • Forest Park, Washington
  • Wall, Sue, R.N.
    • Franke Park, Lakeside
  • Brenda Williams, R.N.
    • Price, Bloomingdale
  • Tara Wolfe, R.N.
    • Lindley, Portage
  • Darlene Yarnelle, R.N.
    • Anthis
  • Rhea Yoder, R.N.
    • Memorial Park, Irwin