Fort Wayne Community Schools Health & Wellness Services

Director of Health and Wellness : Mary Hess BSN, RN, NCSN Fort Wayne Community Schools Health Services*           
1200 South Barr Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Phone: 260.467.1080
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 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Fort Wayne Community Schools is committed to the safety and well-being of our students, staff and families. As a part of that commitment, we work closely with other governmental agencies to prepare for crisis, including pandemic preparedness. On this page, we will frequently update information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Please visit our web page to learn more. Learn More Here

Supporting Academic Achievement by Promoting Health And Wellness

The Fort Wayne Community School’s Health Services staff supports student achievement by implementing strategies that promote health and wellness.

FWCS school nurses work in partnership with Parkview Community Health Improvement Initiative nurses to provide access to appropriate health care for students and their families. School nurses provide the connecting link between families, health care providers, school staff, and community resources.

School nurses provide medical interventions for students who have acute and/or chronic health concerns to improve student health and support school achievement and success. School nurses assist students to develop the skills necessary for successful.

School nurses provide health promotion, disease prevention education and activities for students, staff and families. While supporting goals to maintain optimal health and encouraging attitudes conducive to positive health practices, school nurses effectively impact the community as a whole.

Parkview Hospital Community Nursing Initiative

Parkview Health

In December of 1996 Parkview Hospital became committed to a partnership with Fort Wayne Community Schools, recognizing that healthy children are better learners. Parkview has improved the health and well being of children most in need in our community by providing school-based registered nurses and specialists who provide direct care and consultation. This school year Parkview Hospital will provide three community nurses and other health supports to serve our FWCS families at our new Family and Community Engagement Center.

Parkview has improved our ability to respond in an emergency by donating twelve Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to our school district and by encouraging CPR and First Aid training for our staff by educating and supporting our school nurse instructors.

Parkview has shown community leadership by implementing a variety of health initiatives like assisting with vision screening and spearheading flu immunizations in our schools. Parkview has made a difference positive impact to those who work and learn in Fort Wayne Community Schools.


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The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation is a valuable partner and supporter of FWCS. Their mission is investing and collaborating to improve the mind, body and spirit of the poor and underserved.

St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has supported our district by providing funds to purchase specific medical equipment that has improved the health and wellbeing of our student population including: nebulizers to deliver asthma medications, glucometers to assist with diabetes care and management, specialized vision and hearing screening equipment, and vaccine transport equipment.


They also provide an excellent resourcing guide to medical services in Fort Wayne.  If you are searching for free or low cost health resources in our community, you will find this guide useful. (This resource is also translated into other languages)

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