English Language Learners Enrollment and Identification

English Language Learners

See the Student & Family Support Services section for guidance on enrolling students in Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Identification of English Language Learners

Students whose Home Language Surveys indicate that they speak or have in their background a language other than English are assessed to determine their level of English proficiency:

  • Kindergarten students are assessed with the Kindergarten WIDA ACCESS Placement Test.
  • Students in grades 1-12 are assessed with the WIDA Screener.

Students at English proficiency levels 1.0-4.9 qualify for ELL services, which are provided in all FWCS schools. 

ELL students’ level of English proficiency is assessed annually with the WIDA ACCESS Assessment. Students are reclassified as Fluent English Proficient when they reach an overall level of proficiency of 5.0 or higher. At that point, they exit the ELL program and are monitored for two years to ensure their success.