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Maintaining the buildings in Fort Wayne Community Schools is an important component of meeting the district’s goals. Academics are supported by suitable buildings. FWCS buildings are strong anchors in neighborhoods and serve families throughout the community, and being fiscally responsible requires these assets be maintained. Our children deserve well-maintained facilities that meet today’s educational needs.

The Facilities Department is responsible for all maintenance, repair, renovations, improvements and energy management for 61 educational and support buildings on 59 sites, serving nearly 30,000 students. Facilities and Maintenance & Operations take care of well over 800 acres and 5 million square feet of educational and support space. We work to keep our facilities operating efficiently and effectively. The Facilities Department is also responsible for all Capital Projects improvements, including both our annual Physical Plant Improvements (PPI) projects and our referendum-funded improvements (REPAIR FWCS).

10-24-22 Facilities Department Update

Department Facts

The School District Spans
145.7 Square Miles

The Average Age of Our Schools is
60 years old

Our Newest School is
Miami Middle School, built in 1976

Our Oldest Building is
Construction Trades, built in 1899

The School District Owns approximately 858 acres of land

Our Energy Leadership Program has Saved the District Over
$8.8 Million in Energy-related Savings

Map of School Locations

Contact Information

Fort Wayne Community Schools Facilities Department
1519 Catalpa Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Hours of Operation:
6:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Questions? Let’s Talk

Phone (260) 467-2075

Fax (260) 467-2534

2023/2024 Bid Information

2023-2024 FWCS Facilities Projects Bid Schedule
*Updated October 23, 2023*

2023-2024 FWCS Facilities Projects Information
*Updated October 23, 2023*

Industry Information / Bid Timelines

Notices to Bidders will be posted when advertised. All projects currently out to bid and plan holder information is available via Eastern Engineering’s Virtual Planroom at Eastern Engineering

Bid awards and tabulations will be posted upon approval by the FWCS Board of School Trustees.

RFP/Bid Information




BD101744 2024 PPI Roof Replacements R1 - Wiesser Park October 23, 2023 -  LEGAL NOTICE November 16, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
RFP101744 RFP for Architectural and Engineering Services for the Renovation of Miami Middle School October 30, 2023 -  LEGAL NOTICE November 14, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
RFP101745 RFP for Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Services for the Renovation of Miami Middle School October 30, 2023 -  LEGAL NOTICE November 16, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101746 2024 PPI Roof Replacements R2 - Indian Village November 13, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE December 5, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101747 2024 PPI Roof Replacements R3 - North Side / Adams November 13, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE December 7, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101749 2024-2025 ADA Lift Modernization Project (CMc Through FCI Construction) November 20, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE December 19, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101750 2024 Flooring Replacements November 27, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE December 20, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101751 2024 Kekionga Site Improvements November 27, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE December 21, 2023 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101752 2024 Electrical CPP December 11, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE January 11, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101753 2024 General Building Systems - Casework, Doors, Construction December 11, 2023 - LEGAL NOTICE January 11, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101756 2024 Plumbing CPP

January 2, 2024 -     LEGAL NOTICE

January 25, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101757 2024 South Side PA CPP January 9, 2024 -     LEGAL NOTICE January 31, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101758 2024 Site and Traffic Improvements January 9, 2024 -      LEGAL NOTICE February 1, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101759 2024 North Side Fire Protection January 22, 2024 -  LEGAL NOTICE February 1, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101768 2024 Misc. Masonry

   March 4, 2024 -       LEGAL NOTICE

March 21, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
BD101769 R4 – Roof Replacement – Price ES    March 4, 2024 -       LEGAL NOTICE March 21, 2024 - AWARD NOTICE
RFP101774 CMc Services for the Renovation of Wayne High School Kitchen and Cafeteria      April 22, 2024 -       LEGAL NOTICE May 8, 2024

Renovation of Miami Middle School - Early Electrical Gear and Panels Bid Package

May 7, 2024 May 23, 2024


Harrison Hill Boiler Room


The FWCS Maintenance & Operations Department provides maintenance and repair services to all facilities of FWCS. These services includes building, grounds and equipment maintenance, facility use contract administration, and input into physical plant improvement (PPI) and capital projects development. Our staff of mechanical & equipment, and genera maintenance personnel, electricians, plumbers, and groundskeepers work to service the District’s buildings, grounds and equipment in a manner that provides a high quality environment and enhances learning, productivity and District Pride.

Facility Use Policy

Groups or individuals may apply to use Fort Wayne Community Schools owned buildings and grounds. Guidelines for use of FWCS facilities, including rates, requirements and application form may be found here:


Mows Almost
900 Acres of Grass

Plows Nearly
4 Million Square Feet of
Parking Lots and Bus Lanes

Maintains Over
4 Million Square Feet of Roofs

Takes Care of Locks and Keys for Approximately
3,700 Doors

Maintains 194 Boilers

Maintains Approximately
4,000 Pieces of HVAC Equipment

Maintains Nearly 3,000 Clocks

Maintain Over 30,000 Light Fixtures

66 Fire Alarm Systems and Nearly 15,000 Life Safety Devices

Maintain over 9,000 Plumbing Fixtures

Maintain Nearly
400 Heating and Cooling Pumps

Sodexo Quality of Life Services

Custodial Services

FWCS is pleased to partner with Sodexo Quality of Life Services to provide custodial services for our 61 District buildings. For more information on the services provided by Sodexo, please visit their website at the link below:

Sodexo inspects each building for quality six times annually and evaluates over 75,000 touch points. They use district specific information in their proprietary inspection application to obtain an industry accepted benchmark APPA (Leadership in Educational Facilities) score. In 2016 FWCS obtained a district wide APPA score of 1.78 (on a 1-5 scale where 1 is the highest possible score and 5 is the lowest score). Sodexo scores are obtained in the morning before school starts or after the custodian has completed their work.

FWCS completes an audit of the district’s buildings twice annually and a comparison is analyzed to provide oversight for the district. Our departments both understand that the goal of our departments are to maintain all buildings to high standards so the building staff members can focus on educating all students to a high level.



The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was established in 1986 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to control the use, maintenance, and disposal of Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM). AHERA requires schools to develop a program to manage the ACBM in their facilities.

All Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) within a school facility must be inspected and monitored on a semi-annual basis (6 months) and a more thorough inspection every 3 years per the AHERA guidelines.

Any ACBM in the work area of a construction project will be abated (removed). During a complete renovation of a school facility all ACBM will be abated. Also, if its condition begins to deteriorate it will be removed.

FWCS notifies all students, parents, staff on an annual basis regarding the presence of ACBM.


Day of Caring

Each year prior to the start of the school year, volunteers clean, paint and spruce up the landscaping at several Fort Wayne Community Schools buildings as part of United Way of Allen County’s annual Day of Caring. Businesses and community groups sign up to work at schools throughout the city in partnership with the FWCS Maintenance & Operations Department. Hundreds of community volunteers plus staff, students and parents at each of the buildings will work to get the schools in shape for opening day. The friendships formed on Day of Caring often turn into long-term partnerships between the businesses and the schools with employees returning to volunteer or help the schools in other ways throughout the school year. For more information or to volunteer, please visit United Way of Allen County or the FWCS Communications Department.

United Way of Allen County

FWCS Communications