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I’m With the Band is an invitation to support the goal of the b Instrumental program - to ensure that every middle school student enrolled in band or orchestra has an instrument to play.

The benefits of music education are well documented. With access to music during their formative years, students are more likely to excel and thrive. With b Instrumental, we’re working to make these benefits available to all students.

In addition to providing instruments, b Instrumental helps send students to summer music camps and provides small group instructors that boost the impact of music programs.


Thanks to b Instrumental, students are given the opportunity to pick up an instrument for the first time, develop the discipline that comes with regular practice, and experience the joy and self-esteem that comes with accomplishment.

For more information about the b Instrumental program or FWCS Foundation, contact Bruce Schneider


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Music—the gift that gives back.

Research shows that investments in music education provide students with measurable benefits:
  • * Improved memory and well-being
  • * Higher self-esteem
  • * Increased math proficiency by grade 12
  • * An average increase of 63 points in verbal & 44 points in math on SAT tests
  • * Higher graduation rates
Access to music education helps unlock opportunities for all.


Support music education in Fort Wayne and say, “I’m with the Band!”


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