Fort Wayne Community Schools - Dyslexia

Welcome, Parents!

Here you will find the resources you need to learn more about Senate Enrolled Act 217 which mandates all Indiana students in grades K-2, unless exempt, be screened in six reading subset areas with a Universal Screener.

A "Universal Screener" is a diagnostic assessment used to aid educators in understanding the causes for student performance, learning strengths, and the needs that underlie student performance. The diagnostic assessment is conducted to identify or predict students who may be at risk for poor learning outcomes and is spread throughout the school year. The Universal Screener extends the work of FWCS to help children overcome reading challenges through improved literacy.

We are committed to your child’s academic success and are glad to have the opportunity to provide your child with this additional support. We welcome you to reach out to your child’s school if you need clarification or have any questions.

For more information about the new requirements under the law and the tools used, please visit DOE Information on Dyslexia




SEA 217 Dyslexia Report


2020-2021 Fort Wayne Community Schools

Total Number of Students Who Were Administered the Universal Screener: 6,642

Total Number of Students Identified as Exhibiting At-risk Characteristics of Dyslexia: 300


Dyslexia Reading Program/Intervention: Foundational Reading Strategies


Number of Students Who Received Dyslexia Intervention: 166