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Fort Wayne Community Schools

Fort Wayne Community Schools

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Fort Wayne Community Schools

At Fort Wayne Community Schools, we are committed to transforming education to ensure students are ready for life after graduation, whether they enroll in higher education, enlist in the military or enter the workforce as an employee or entrepreneur. Through our Schools of Success, students will have experiences connecting their core academic studies with real world relevancy. From the moment students enter FWCS, they will see themselves in the Portrait of an Explorer (elementary), Portrait of a Connector (middle school) and Portrait of a Graduate (high school). FWCS launches the Freshman Schools of Success at each of the district’s high schools in the fall of 2024.

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welcomes all students

Students in FWCS are assigned to a school based on their residence. Families may also choose a school outside their attendance area by filling out a school choice lottery application.

Determine school eligibility

Washington Center Pre-K Students

Address & Age

Determine which school your child is assigned to based on your home address in our online address lookup.

Students wishing to register for pre-K must be four years old by Aug. 1 or for full-day Kindergarten must be five years old by Aug. 1 of the upcoming school year in order to be eligible.

School choice opportunities

Waynedale FWCS126 Asher
  • Students have the opportunity to attend any FWCS school by taking part in the annual School Choice Lottery
  • To do so, you must complete an application during the annual lottery enrollment period in the myFWCS Parent Portal. Students are accepted based on space availability. Those students not selected will be put on a waiting list.
  • Students inside and outside of the FWCS district boundaries are welcome to apply.
  • Transportation is not provided for students who transfer to another school except for magnet schools.

Required registration information

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Gather your documents.

  • Student ID (Birth Certificate and the name and address of the last school the child attended)
  • Parent ID (The parent must present a photo ID and the name of the parent must be on the child’s birth certificate. A guardian must provide custodial documentation)
  • Official Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residency


Complete registration

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Register online through the myFWCS Parent Portal during the open enrollment period.

Please contact FACE with additional questions regarding registration at 260-467-2120



News & Announcements

Students participate in Continuing Education at FWCS

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Adult and Continuing Education Department will celebrate the success of 195 graduates at its annual Commencement Ceremony.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Adult and Continuing Education Department will celebrate the success of 195 graduates at its annual Commencement Ceremony at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, at North Side High School, 475 East State Blvd. 

From Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2023, the graduates passed the High School Equivalency (HSE) Exam or completed High School Credit (HSC) requirements. The Continuing Education Program serves adult students of all ages, many of whom have endured educational and personal struggles on their road to graduation. 
The stories of three graduates will be shared during the celebration: 

Ma Za Ah 
Ma Ah brings positivity wherever he goes, yet his journey has been anything but conventional. He was born in Thailand and experienced the turmoil of a nation at war. Coming to the United States as a young child, Ma faced the challenge of learning English in school. Despite several disruptions and a family health issue that hindered his path to high school graduation, Ma promised his father he would finish his education. Ma’s dream now is to work for the Fort Wayne Police Department. 

Lially Kendall 
Throughout her life, Lially Kendall has demonstrated creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. From early encounters with family challenges to overcoming personal health crises, Lially has persevered. Guided by her passions, she now embarks on a path of baking and catering while embracing the belief that anything is achievable as she plans for a future filled with endless possibilities. 
Kai Martin 
Kai Martin encountered several setbacks as a teenager but refused to let them define her as she embarked on a journey of self-improvement. Even while working 12-hour shifts and waking at midnight, Kai remained committed to attending adult education classes. She was also determined to make her dream a reality by opening her own salon, The Quick and Easy Hair Salon. Kai’s story is one of perseverance, determination and compassion.  



Students at New Tech display works of art brining attention to racism.

With a spirit of empathy and compassion, students from the New Tech Academy at Wayne High School have organized an art exhibit in honor of Black History Month.

With a spirit of empathy and compassion, students from the New Tech Academy at Wayne High School have organized an art exhibit in honor of Black History Month. The Say Their Names Anti-Racism Art Exhibit will be on display Thursday, Feb. 29, at Wayne High School, 9100 Winchester Road. 

This event will showcase the artistic talents of New Tech students. Students and parents are invited to tour the exhibit and experience the profound messages of equality and understanding conveyed through these works of art. The Center for Nonviolence partnered with the New Tech students for this project.



Students play chess at middle school tournament

Get ready for the ultimate chess showdown at the FWCS Middle School City Chess Tournament.

Get ready for the ultimate chess showdown at the FWCS Middle School City Chess Tournament. The event is from 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 24, at Memorial Park Middle School, 2200 Maumee Ave.  

70 players from Blackhawk, Jefferson, Lakeside, Memorial Park, Miami, Northwood and Shawnee middle schools will compete in the round-robin chess tournament. Players will receive individual and team awards, with the top team winning the traveling trophy. 

 This is the seventh year for the annual middle school chess tournament. Blackhawk won the tournament last year. 

Peacemakers talk to students at South Side High School.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Board of School Trustees Monday night approved a contract to expand the Alive Community Outreach program to all five high schools in the District.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Board of School Trustees Monday night approved a contract to expand the Alive Community Outreach program to all five high schools in the District. The expansion will be paid for by funds from the recently passed well-being and safety referendum.  
The current Alive Peacemaker program has been in place at South Side High School for two years. The expansion will enable Alive to place Peace Advocates at all five high schools supported by a Program Director. The Peacemaker program is built upon the six principles of nonviolence taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Participating students take part in the summer Peacemaker Academy, attend Peace Club at school and are mentored by a community volunteer program called the Peace Grannies and Grampies. Through these interactive experiences, students gain a deeper understanding of social justice issues and develop nonviolent ways to resolve conflict and promote peace.  
“We are excited to extend the reach of the Alive Peacemakers to every high school at Fort Wayne Community Schools," FWCS Superintendent Dr. Mark Daniel said. "Today more than ever, empowering our students to be a catalyst for positive change while fostering a culture of peace and understanding is very important.”   
The Alive Community Outreach was created by Angelo and Marie Mante following the tragic death of Angelo’s cousin. They later added the Peacemaker Academy to the program. Expanding the Peacemakers to all high schools at FWCS shows a commitment to cultivating a generation of Peacemakers equipped to be positive change makers at school and in the community.  

“In the wake of increasing youth violence, our partnership with FWCS represents a critical step forward,” said Alive Executive Director Angelo Mante. “Intentional peacemaking has never been more essential. We are committed to building peace, one student at a time, confident that these efforts will not only transform lives but also our community at large”  
About 40 students from throughout the district have already graduated from the current Alive Peacemaker Academy. 




Upcoming Events

What’s going on at FWCS?

Wendy Y. Robinson Family & Community Engagement Center
230 E. Douglas St. Fort Wayne, IN
North Side High School
475 E. State Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


by the numbers



  • 13,920 Pre-K - 5
  • 6,289 Middle School
  • 8,436 High School



  • 30 Elementary (K-5)
  • 10 Middle Schools (6-8)
  • 5 High Schools (9-12)
  • 2 Early Childhood Ctr.
  • Alternative School 
  • CTE School 
  • Innovation Lab 
  • Intermediate School 
  • Virtual Academy 



Fort Wayne Community Schools exceeds national graduation rates



10,487 miles per day 
Nearly 2 million miles traveled per year



All FWCS students are offered free meals (breakfast & lunch)
66% eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals



1,939 Teachers
972 Full-time Employees
1,139 Part-time Employees



There are more than 70 languages spoken by our ELL students from more than 70 countries 
3rd most diverse schools district in the state of Indiana



Special Education students including non-public school students served


Voices of FWCS


Jada Nicole

Being at the FWCS Career Academy at Anthis helped me greatly because I earned college credits, and it gave me an internship at a really good preschool. It gave me a chance to
start working in my career at a young age.

Class of 2023


Kimberly Swain

FWCS is a great place to work because there are so many opportunities to learn and grow as an educator.  Our staff truly love what they do!


Early Childhood Education Instructor
FWCS Career Academy


Kyra Nolan

I am pleased with the opportunities FWCS creates for my daughter now and the seeds that are being sown for her future success. I adore the great spirit of community that exists among our school families. My daughter is learning so much and most importantly, she is excited about learning!

Croninger Elementary School


Derek Leininger

I have worked my entire career in FWCS and my child attends FWCS because this is our community. As a principal, I have the opportunity to make our community better by supporting our staff, students and families. As a parent, I know my daughter receives engaging, rigorous learning experiences as she continues to thrive.

Glenwood Park Elementary



The Vincennes Early College Program (at North Side) along with other rigorous classes have allowed me to get an early start on my college education. By the time I graduate, I’ll have a year’s worth of college credits because of the classes I’ve been able to take. Knowing this definitely makes my goals for the future more obtainable.

Class of 2023

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