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All Children Welcome

Fort Wayne Community Schools welcomes all children. Students in FWCS are assigned to a school based on their residence. Families may also choose a school outside their attendance area by filling out a school choice lottery application. 

Parents of students new to FWCS should go to the FWCS Family and Community Engagement Center at 230 E. Douglas Ave. to register and receive other personalized services.

Online registration can be done through the myFWCS Parent Portal.

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Step 1. Determine school eligibility 

  • Determine which school your child is assigned to based on your home address in our online address lookup.

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Step 2. School choice opportunities

  • Students have the opportunity to attend any FWCS school by taking part in the annual School Choice Lottery.

  • To do so, you must complete an application during the annual lottery enrollment period. Students are accepted based on space availability. Those students not selected will be put on a waiting list.

  • Students inside and outside of the FWCS district boundaries are welcome to apply.

  • Transportation is not provided for students who transfer to another school except for magnet schools and Programs of Study.
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Step 3. Required registration information

Proof of age/Parent ID

  • To enroll a child in school, a parent or guardian must provide a birth certificate and the name and address of the last school the child attended.

  • The name of the parent must be on the child’s birth certificate.

  • A guardian must provide custodial documentation. Please contact FACE with additional questions regarding guardianship at 260-467-2120

Immunization Requirements

  • FWCS requires official immunization immunization records no later than the first day of school. This statement should be accompanied by the physician’s certificates or other documentations.

  • A written statement of medical or religious objection may be filed annually. Medical objections must be signed by your physician. Forms are available at each school.

Proof of residency

  • During registration, two documents showing proof of residency are required. 
              ~Letter or Check from any governmental agency
              ~Letter from an attorney or court papers
              ~Letter from Allen County Office of Family and Children Service
              ~Social Security Benefits
              ~Medical doctor, dentist or eye doctor statements
              ~Established Bank Account statement 
              ~Utility Connect Notice
              ~Utility Bill dated within the past 30 days
              ~Lease printed on letterhead from an established apartment / mobile                        home leasing office with a contact name and phone number. 

  • If you are temporarily living with a friend or family member, they must be present with you at the time of enrollment, sign an Affidavit of Residence, and provide two proofs of residence in their name. You then have 30 days to produce two proofs of residence in your name.

  • Homeless families should contact Student Services for assistance.


Important to note

    • A student found to be living outside of FWCS boundaries due to falsification of records will be expelled for legal settlement.
    • A student found to be living outside the enrolled school’s boundaries due to falsification of records will be immediately returned to their home school.
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Step 4. Complete registration

  • Register online through the myFWCS Parent Portal during the open enrollment period.

  • Enrollment packets can be picked up at your child’s school.

  • Please contact FACE with additional questions regarding registration at                  260-467-2120
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Step 5. Pre-K and Kindergarten registration

  • FWCS conducts registration for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students in March.

  • Those students wishing to register for pre-k must be four years old by Aug. 1 of the upcoming school year in order to be eligible for enrollment.

  • Those students wishing to register for full-day kindergarten must be five years old by Aug. 1 of the upcoming school year in order to be eligible for enrollment.

  • Registering early allows parents to collect materials to help prepare their student for kindergarten, and gives students the opportunity to become familiar with their school ahead of time. Click here for full information.
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Additional Information

Nutrition Services

If the household has a current food stamp case number, the enrolled kindergartner may be automatically eligible for benefits. A meal/textbook before the first day of school. Call Nutrition Services at 260-467-2055.


All Kindergarten students and parents will receive information from the school with a time and date for a conference before school starts. Students may bring their supplies and meet their teacher at this time.