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Maintaining the buildings in Fort Wayne Community Schools is an important component of meeting the district's goals. Academics are supported by suitable buildings; FWCS buildings are strong anchors in neighborhoods and serve families throughout the community; and being fiscally responsible requires these assets be maintained. Our children deserve well-maintained facilities that meet today's educational needs, including electrical systems that can handle 21st Century technology, climate-controlled buildings that are more energy efficient and modern classroom space with better lighting and adequate storage. This page will serve as a resource to learn more about FWCS' buildings and the plan to take care of them for future generations. Check back often, and let us know if you have questions or comments.

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Video Tour

Take a video tour of Snider High School and Harrison Hill Elementary to see the kind of work our buildings need. Then visit Indian Village and Franke Park to see what renovated buildings look like.


Members of the FWCS Facilities Department provides the Board of School Trustees with a project update on Sept. 9, 2013. Watch this video to hear more about the work already done as well as future projects.

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Economic Impact Report

Cost by Building of Recommended Improvements

This Tax Impact Estimator will provide you the estimated tax impact based on 2011 data of expected property taxes due to the School Building Basic Renewal/Restoration and Safety Project Referendum to be included on the May 8, 2012, ballot.

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FWCS Building Facts

  • FWCS has 62 buildings in use, making up 5.2 million square feet of space.
  • FWCS operates 51 school buildings.
  • The average age of the school buildings is 54 years.
  • Oldest school building: Anthis Career Center, built in 1902.
  • Newest school building: Miami Middle School, built in 1976.
  • Only 19 school buildings are fully air conditioned, leaving 32 buildings with only partial or no air conditioning.