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Adams Elementary joins No Excuses University

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Adams Elementary School has been invited to join No Excuses University, a nationwide network of elementary, middle and junior high schools that actively promote college readiness.

Two years ago, the school deepened its college readiness efforts by pairing each classroom with a university, bringing in speakers from colleges and universities to talk about preparing for college, opening a bank branch to encourage students to save for college and establishing a culture where talking about going to college is the norm.

“We know that planning to go to college isn’t something that suddenly happens in high school,” Adams Principal Federa Smith said. “The most successful students are able to articulate at a young age that they plan on going to college and know what it will take to get there. We want to have an environment at Adams were students know they can go to college, and they can achieve their dreams.”

As a member of No Excuses University, Adams commits to continuing its focus on tailoring instruction for each student, modeling positive character traits for students and shattering the myths that only certain people can go to college. Adams staff members will have the opportunity to work with other schools in the No Excuses University network as well as attend training events.

Adams will celebrate its acceptance into the network during College Go! Friday, a monthly event focusing on going to college. This month’s assembly will showcase allAdamsteachers, who will share information about the college they attended. The event begins at 2:30 p.m.

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