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Fort Wayne Community Schools, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is one of the largest school districts in Indiana and we are growing as parents recognize the high quality, comprehensive programs we offer.

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  • The Student-Parent Handbook PDF Spanish PDF Burmese PDF, booklet provides information and resources parents need to support their children's education.
  • FWCS' Code of Conduct PDF Spanish PDF Burmese PDF outlines the District's commitment to reinforcing positive student behavior and teaching students to be productive, responsible citizens while maintaining a safe environment in which all students can learn.

City of Fort Wayne

Size: 79.12 square miles
Population: 251,247

Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in Indiana and is home to beautiful parks, crowd-pleasing sports teams, terrific shopping (largest indoor mall in the state), thought-provoking fine arts events and organizations, and a great variety of businesses and community groups.

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Fort Wayne Community Schools

Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission: Fort Wayne Community Schools educates all students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens.

FWCS Vision: Fort Wayne Community Schools will be the school system of choice and a source of community pride.

FWCS Goals:

  • Achieve and Maintain Academic Excellence
  • Engage Parents and the Community
  • Operate with Integrity and Fiscal Responsibility

Annual Report

    Current Annual Report


Total: 51
Early Learning Centers (PreK-K): 2 Elementary (K-5): 31
Intermediate (1-8): 1
Middle (6-8): 10
High (9-12): 5
Career and Technology Center: 1
Alternative: 1

Of these, 7 are magnet schools, including two Montessori schools, a New Tech middle school, and five with focuses on math and science, fine arts or communications.


Total: 4,088
Teachers: 1,883
2,632 full-time employees
1,456 part-time employees


    Dr. Wendy Robinson
Chief Operations Officer:
    Charles Cammack, Jr., MA
Chief Financial Officer:
    Kathy Friend, CPA
Assistant Superintendent Elementary:
    Pam Musick, MEd
Assistant Superintendent Secondary:
    Rita Turflinger, MA
Assistant Superintendent Secondary:
    Debra Faye Williams-Robbins, Esq. Assistant to the Superintendent for Strategic Initiatives:
    Laura Cain

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Did you know?

Facts that May Surprise You about FWCS: What FWCS Accomplishes with Less



Total students: 30,980
Elementary (PreK-5): 15,509
Middle (6-8): 6,815
High (9-12): 8,656


Attendance rate (08-09): 95.5%
Graduation rate (10-11): 88.1%


Caucasian: 47%
African American: 24%
Hispanic: 15%
Multi-racial: 9%
Asian: 5%
Native American: 1%
Eligible for free/reduced priced meals: 71%
Languages spoken: 75

Other Student Information

English Language Learners (ELL): Serves students who are learning English by providing English development support in 30 of our schools. More than 2,300 students participate in ELL Programs.

Special Education: The FWCS Special Education Department serves all students living in the District, not just the students enrolled in FWCS. Its goal is to help all students be successful educationally. More than 5,000 students receive services from the FWCS Special Education Department. Including 456 students from private or parochial schools.

Career & Technical Education: The FWCS Anthis Career Center supports 22 area high schools and nearly 900 students with its career education programs. It offers dual-credit opportunities, internships and certifications. Its mission is to provide students the skills to succeed and the opportunities to use those skills.

Adult Learning: FWCS provides lifelong learning opportunities to all Allen County residents through its Continuing Education & Neighborhood Connection programs. More than 1,600 adults participated in Continuing Education and Neighborhood Connection.



FWCS was founded in 1857 and has touched virtually every segment of the Fort Wayne community for more than 150 years. Its heritage is closely interwoven with the growth and development of the entire region.


FWCS has produced improved academic results as we have seen an increase in students who do not speak English and an increase in students coming from low-income families. FWCS is dedicated to improving academic achievement for all students and has many programs in place to meet their varying needs.

School Choice Catalog PDF

FWCS is proud of its policy that allows students to attend any school in the District, based on space availability and racial balance.


150 square miles covered
3.6 million miles traveled by bus each year
21,237 students riding the bus

Nutrition Services

23,451 lunches served daily
9,758 breakfasts served daily


Fiscal Year 2013

Calendar Year 2013 Operating Budget : $274,500,000

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